Move over, Anne Keith, Megan Gamarra just made my TK20 day.


Dear Grad School,

Ok, look—it took forever for me to get into you, and that was mostly my fault. 

However, now that I’ve been accepted by you, I wish we could sort a few things out.

1) Why is registering for classes such an ordeal?

2) Why was the TK20 placement apparently supposed to be done by the first of July when our enrollment workshop isn’t until the 15th? 

P.S. I definitely didn’t do it, so now I’m freaking out

3) Why do I not have a bill or any financial aid whatsoever yet?  I got in a month ago, guys.

You’re freaking me out :/



You know what?

I freaking love cider. All cider.  Cider in a fancy bottle?  Fuck yes.

Pear Cider in a big mug at the Stray Cat? Fuck yes.

Strongbow from Sunstop or Bevmo and in my fridge or in my tummy?  Fuck yes.

So suck on that, ho.

Music is a lot like magic. You can’t even hold it.
ICP song “Miracles”

RB: Twink, the crystal.

T: Colors make you happy!

Rainbow Brite, crazy drug dealer.
Rachul loves her beemo baby

That’s very educational

Oh, family.

Oh, family.